The following questions are the most frequently asked regarding waste collection. If the answer you are searching for does not appear on this page, please send us your questions below.


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Trash, Recycling & Yard Waste Collection:

How do I find out what my trash day is?
Does the City of Albany collect trash on holidays?
How soon before my collection day can I place my trash and recycling?
How much trash can I place curbside?
Is there any special way I need to place my trash at the curb?
When is trash and recycling collected?
What do I do if my trash or recycling was not picked up?
What is considered Bulky Trash?
How can I get rid of Bulky Recycling or Bulky Trash?
Does the City collect unwanted electronics and how can I dispose of them?
What is considered Yard Waste?
When are my Yard Waste bags and brush collected?
When does Yard Waste start getting picked up in the spring?
When is the last day for Yard Waste to get picked up in the fall?
How soon before my collection day can I place my Yard Waste curbside?
Where can I get Yard Waste bags?
What is considered Hazardous Waste?
How do I register for a Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Event?

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