The following questions are the most frequently asked regarding snow plowing & removal. If the answer you are searching for does not appear on this page, please send us your questions below.

*Only questions regarding policies, procedures, or programs. No individual requests or complaints.

Snow Plowing, Snow Removal and Snow Emergencies

What factors do the City consider in determining whether to call a Snow Emergency?
Why does the City wait to call a Snow Emergency until after the completion of a storm?
How much notice does the City provide before a Snow Emergency begins?
Where can I park my car during a Snow Emergency?
What are the parking rules during a Snow Emergency?
What do I do if my car gets towed during a Snow Emergency?
Why does the City remove snow at night?
Why doesn't the City remove snow from every street during a Snow Emergency?
How does the City notify people of a Snow Emergency?
What are residents' responsibilities during a Snow Emergency?
Does trash & recycling get collected during a Snow Emergency?
What if I see my street has not been plowed yet?
When will my street be plowed?
Why does the plow push snow on my driveway after I have shoveled?
The plow damaged my lawn, how to I get it fixed?

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