Mayor Sheehan & Commissioner PanunzioPaving Preservation Program

ALBANY, NY – As part of a historic $14 million investment via Mayor Sheehan’s 2021 City Budget and 2022 Proposed City Budget to revitalize streets and sidewalks across Albany, Mayor Kathy Sheehan and DGS Commissioner Sergio Panunzio joined 7th Ward Councilmember Cathy Fahey, DGS Deputy Commissioner Frank Zeoli, and representatives from RoadBotics to announce the City’s new street pavement preservation program.


These new operations include the use of brine in place of salt crystals on streets to melt snow and ice, utilizing RoadBotics to undertake a 3D assessment of every street to collect data and evaluate street surface conditions to make objective maintenance and replacement decisions, and the launch of a new micro-surfacing program to extend the life of street surfaces.


RoadBotics - Using the power of artificial intelligence (AI), DGS will complete an assessment of all City streets, evaluating and collecting data regarding surface conditions to make maintenance and paving decisions. RoadBotics uses an advanced AI platform called RoadWay that automates road assessments and provides a web-based program that allows DGS to build a virtual replica of every street in Albany with visual data for collaboration, engagement, and evaluation. More information about RoadBotics can be found by visiting:


Brine - The Department of General Services will become one of the first local municipalities to use Brine in place of salt crystals to melt snow and ice on streets beginning this winter. Salt brine is a solution of salt and water that helps separate snow and ice from road surfaces. Not only will the use of Brine make our streets safer during the inclement weather but will also mitigate the environmental concerns of using salt.


Micro-Surfacing – DGS has micro-surfaced three streets in Albany: Summit Avenue, Barclay Street, and Marinello Terrace. Micro-surfacing (also referred to as 'micro asphalt') is a treatment laid over the top of the existing surface designed to seal, protect, and extend the life of asphalt surfaces. The treatment consists of a water-based mixture of stones and bitumen. In 2022, DGS will micro-surface at least 9 streets using this technology.


Mayor Sheehan and Commissioner Panunzio also announced the substantial completion of nearly 50 streets across Albany in 2021 – part of more than $6 million in revitalized street and sidewalk infrastructure. A complete list of the reconstructed roads can be found below.


Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan said, “My administration has invested more than $40 million in street and sidewalk revitalization since taking office, however we know we must invest even more to ensure our streets are in optimal condition. These three new initiatives will not only help us strengthen our investments in streets but also help extend the life of our newly revitalized infrastructure and help protect the environment. Thank you to Commissioner Panunzio and the Department of General Services for engaging in these innovative solutions to decades-long problems.”


Department of General Services Commissioner Sergio Panunzio said, "The changes to our street pavement operations are going to ensure our streets are maintained in the most cost effective and environmentally sound way.”


7th Ward Councilmember Cathy Fahey said, “Albany’s DGS is to be commended for its forward thinking in bring new technologies and environment-friendly materials to improve street maintenance in the 7th Ward and across the City to make our roads safer and winter ready.”


Ronald Judd, Senior Regional Sales Director, RoadBotics said, “RoadBotics is thrilled to be a key pavement preservation partner with the City of Albany. We would like to thank Mayor Kathy Sheehan, Commissioner Sergio Panunzio, and Deputy Commissioner Frank Zeoli for entrusting us to enhance City infrastructure and provide innovation for its citizens.”


Julie Tighe, President of the New York League of Conservation Voters said, “The New York League of Conservation Voters is pleased to see that the City of Albany is working to reduce the amount of salt it uses for road maintenance this winter by switching from rock salt to brine. We hope to see other municipalities follow this trend to protect our waterways and habitats.”


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